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Day 8: The summit has been reached!

Day 8
Team Jay's Made it to the summit, Uhuru Peak yesterday,  Sunday Jan 5th at 7 AM.  The team has posted some initial pictures to the Facebook page. One member did have a leg injury, but they are doing fine, according to Jay. They will be back to their hotel around noon EDT today Monday Jan, 6th. We are all proud to have been involved.
There is an 8 hour difference in time zones between EDT here in the US, East coast and EAT, (East Africa Time).  12:00 Noon here is 8:00 PM there. 
Elevation and distances

Day 8-  Summit Uhuru Peak. 

19,341 ft



The Man

As a climber/hiker, Jay Rowe, is not going to let his cancer stop him from doing what he loves!  Jay has been given the go ahead to resume his love of climbing and is putting together a team to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to support the Oliva Fund for Cancer Care.   “This time will be much different for me after my own cancer journey as it’s looking like if I can make it to the top again, I will be the first person to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a feeding tube!” – says Jay Rowe. 

The Climb

Team jay’s 7 climbers will be arriving in Tanzania by December 27th 2019. The climb will start December 30th and we will be climbing the Northern Circuit route which is the longest and newest route on Kilimanjaro. This route is a 9 day climb from the north and we should be on the summit January 6th 2020.  All together including guides, assistant guides, porters, and cooks, Jay’s team will be around 30-35 people.

The Fund

The Oliva Fund for Cancer Care was established in honor of Milford’s Oliva Family for their ongoing commitment and generous support of Milford Regional Medical Center and the Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation.  The Oliva Fund provides the necessary resources in support of patients and their families being cared for at Milford Regional Medical Center and Dana-Farber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center and Milford Regional.


We are taking this banner with us to the top.


Kilimanjaro    Reaching new heights for the Oliva Fund

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